A New Type of Agency for Growing Brands

Getting your brand to market can be challenging.

From creating the right product, to telling a great brand story, to building customer loyalty, there's a lot for brands to do... and it's critically important that they get it right.

That's where Red Harp comes in.


It all starts with an Idea.

By dividing the go-to-market process into an actionable checklist of five best practices, we help clients effectively and efficiently navigate a path to success for their brands.


With all of the pieces in place, you can launch confidently and with the strongest position possible


Strong Product Offering

Be strategic in developing innovative products that meet consumer needs.



Create a unique narrative articulating how your brand addresses the needs and interests of target consumers.


Customer Experience

Offer consumers value-added experiences that they can’t get enough of.


Commercial Enablement

Develop, and manage strategies to bring products to market with confidence, while avoiding costly mistakes.



Engage consumers with brand experiences that drive both long-term and short-term results.

Our Work


Red Harp is helping global health innovation company Philips launch a new brand in the US market aimed at transforming the way people consume water.

Red Harp's work for the new brand spans social media and content marketing, public relations, performance marketing, and commercial activation for online and offline channels.

Our Clients

We're trusted by ambitious brands big and small to help them go to market

Our Perspective

We’re GTM experts passionate about helping brands build their businesses. Connect with us today!


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